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Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher information:

Our company has introduced advanced technology from abroad to manufacture a world class high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher.The hydraulic cone crusher is designed to feature a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high quality crushing cavity. The intergranular laminating crushing significantly improves yield and product shape. As our most recent product,the hydraulic cone crusher can replace the spring cone crusher in the mining and building industries.

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher features:

1. The hydraulic cone crusher features high crushing ratio and production efficiency.

2. Consumption of quick-wear parts is further reduced and operating cost is low.

3. Laminating crushing enables the finished product to have excellent shape.

4. Designed with hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, it features a high degree of automation. Downtime is further reduced.

5. Rail oil lubricating ensures reliable performance and lengthened service life.

6. The hydraulic cone crusher is designed with multiple crushing cavities, flexible application and strong adaptability.

7. Offers higher production capacity, best product shape and easier automatic control.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher parts from DSMAC

Hydraulic Cone Crusher application:

The hydraulic cone crusher has been widely used in the industries of metals and metallic ores, cement, dinas, metallurgy, etc.The hydraulic cone crusher can be used for medium and fine crushing of those ores and rocks whose protodyakonov scale of hardness is no more than 5~16 such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobblestone, etc.

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher main parts is cone crusher concaves  (cone crusher parts)

Cone Crushers Ten Attention Matters in The Later Period Maintenance(1)

1.Cone crusher working note:

Mine must be allocated to the plate in the middle , forbidding the mine goes into the crushing cavity directly. Because it is easy to make crusher overload and the liner wear unevenly .

The condition of giving mine:

a. Mine evenly was distributed in the crushing cavity through the distribution plate.
b. Feeding ore can’t higher than the level of rolling acetabular wall.

The crusher to the maximum size of giving mine couldn’t be allowed equal to the mine mouth size ( the maximum size of giving mine

a. Crushers yield reduced.
b. Damage to certain parts of the crusher.

2.Crushers are not allowed to start overloading , because the overload will start the accident.

When the crusher will finish the work,at first we must stop to the mining machine . When crushing the mine goes into the crushing cavity after discharge ,it can make crusher stop.Crusher should be always checking the pressure and hydraulic locking system work station , once we identify problems and handling in time .

3. Crushers’ output

Crushers’ output, and feeding methods , feeding degradation, platoon ore blocks degrees size,mechanical properties, temperature and so on . Varies greatly,the manufacturer of a given output is sketchy the quantity in the specified conditions.

4. The replacement of cone crusher concaves.

cone crusher concaves with U shape screws embedded in the adjustment of the ring, both between infusing zinc alloy and making closely. New installation or the replacement of cone crusher concaves, in the work six to eight hours we should check for tightening situation ,and once again tighten the u-shaped screw.
5. Spring
The role of the spring : When hard detritus goes into the crusher  ,the spring can protect material from damaging the cone crusher , so the spring pressure and crusher crushing force can adapt each other. In the normal working hours the spring dosen’t move , only iron blocks fall into in the crushing cavity which makes  the crusher overload,happening spring is compressed phenomenon.