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2PGC roller crusher for sale price in France

2PGC roller crusher for sale price in France

2PGC roller crusher is a special crusher for cement plant and coal crushing, targeting large crushing capacity, safe and reliable to settle low crushing efficiency of coal crusher and cement crusher on the market. This 2PGC crusher is suitable for brittleness and soft ore coarse crushing and medium crushing, widely used in mining, coal, cement, silicate, and other industries.

2PGC roller crusher used in France

As we know, France is a country with a very developed cement industry, the LAFARG group, second largest cement producer and supplier, it’s located in France. They have many branches in different countries at present. And fortunately, as China’s largest crusher and crusher parts manufacturer and supplier, DSMAC has honor to collaborate with the LAFARG group, supplying them with crusher and crusher wear parts.

2PGC roller crusher performing features

The crushing rolls consist of the roller bodies, complemented with crushing rotors or crushing shells. The rolls are secured either with anchor bolts and end disks, or bolted with screws. In order to facilitate maintenance, the crushing roll shafts are arranged in heavy-duty cast steel housings with lubricated, amply dimensioned spherical roller bearings. Materials used are of highly wear-resistant specially cast alloys in order to achieve long lifetimes of parts.

2PGC roller crusher main customer benefits

1. With the advanced hydraulic control system, users can adjust the pressure according to the material hardness, so that can press and pulverize the materials absolutely.

2. With sensor, the roller crushers can load relief when overload, so that to protect the machine.

3. The advanced hard faced technology improves the roller covers’ life.

4. Excellent performance, low cost in operation and easily maintenance

5. Large crushing capacity, low noise.

6. Convenient maintenance, overload protection, safe and reliable.

Single stage hammer crusher for limestone crushing in Philippines

In recent years, it proves that the single stage hammer crusher is the most perfect equipment for limestone crushing in Philippines.
limestone resources in Philippines
Due to the volcanic nature of the islands, mineral deposits are abundant. The country is estimated to have the second-largest gold deposits after South Africa and one of the largest copper deposits in the world.It is also rich in nickel, chromite, limestone and zinc. Despite this, poor management, high population density, and environmental consciousness have resulted in these mineral resources remaining largely untapped.
DSMAC Single stage hammer crusher for limestone crushing in Philippines
From the most professional experts of DSMAC, we know that the cement plants previously prefer to select the jaw crusher as the primary crushing and the impact crusher as the second crushing at home and abroad. Even till now, many cement plants also adopt this limestone crushing technology. While in China, some cement plants have already chosen the single-stage hammer crusher to crush limestone. In this process, we just use one set of equipment to crush the limestone into the required size, which greatly reduces the production cost and simplifies the technical process. It proves that most of the single-stage hammer crushers can totally meet the limestone crushing needs, and especially the DPC single-stage hammer crusher from DSMAC stands out among them. The DPC single-stage hammer crusher can crush the large ores into the required size in one stage, and the powder making rate can reach 50%, which greatly reduces the energy consumption in the grinding process.

Equipment Configuration of Limestone crushing line

ZSW series vibrating feeder + PE series jaw crusher + PF series impact crusher + Belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen;

ZSW series vibrating feeder + DPC single stage hammer crusher + Belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen.

ZSW series vibrating feeder + DPX single stage fine crusher + Belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen.

As the leading single stage hammer crusher manufacturer in the world, DSMAC supply high performance single stage hammer crusher to use in the limestone crushing solution. DSMAC single stage hammer crushers have been proven to be the best selection of limestone crushing plant. Since the year 1997 DSMAC was founded, we were trying to develop new and better crushing equipment. Now DSMAC has also developed limestone crushing plants including limestone hammer crusher, limestone mobile jaw crusher, limestone cone crusher and limestone impact crusher and so on.

Cement crusher plant

Cement crusherplant

Cement crushers are stone crushers or rock crushers used for
crushing cement materials or cement related products in cement plants. Cement
is a most common construction materials used in modern industries through
cement production lines or cement grinding plants. In the cement plants, we
need cement crusher, cement mill, conveyors, feeding equipment etc.

Cement crushers
are the important cement machines used in cement production line. Generally it
is used in cement crusher plant. Big raw materials firstly are crushed by
cement crusher, then appropriate raw materials dust enter into the cement mill
for milling with stone milling machine.

Cement crusher plant application in industry

Invention of cement crusher plant provides a material basis for the
development of construction. From land engineering to water, underground
engineering, cement plays an important role. Cement has been invented for a
hundred years and it has always been widely used, becoming the most consumed
binder. In order to meet the needs of different construction, the increasing
varieties of cement have reached more than 200 kinds. And the cement mill is one
of the growing kinds.

The cement grinding mill varies from
traditional ball mill to new European trapezium grinding mill. Cement crusher
includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. In cement mining, cement
grinding mill and cement crusher play a very important role. They can crush or
grind the cement to required fineness for industry application.

Cement crusher plant recommendation

In cement production process, cement
crusher is very important since most of the raw materials will have to be
crushed before being used to process cement, such as limestone, clay, iron ore
and coal, etc. Limestone is the largest amount of raw material during cement
production. Before limestone mining, limestone is generally of large size and
high hardness. Therefore the limestone crushing is very important in the whole
material crushing. Usually we choose jaw crusher for limestone crushing since
jaw crusher is of easy principle, convenient maintenance and low cost. However,
if the whole cement mining scale is of large size, we usually choose cone
crusher or impact crusher to assit jaw crusher and to be secondary or tertiary
cement crusher machine. Also cement conveyor is used to transport these
materials to next procedure, such as vibrating cement screen to screen out
required fineness. In some production sites, we use a whole mobile crusher to
complete the whole cement crushing and screening production, since the mobile
crusher is equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, vibrating
feeder, vibrating screen, etc.

Some ways to increase the cement grinding

1. To enhance the ventilation of mill ; to
improve the surroundings of mills to enhance the ventilation of mill is the
effective methods to increase the production capacity and to reduce the power

2. To adopt the new type of scaleboard
to improve the material of the mill parts. The new type easy grinding ability
spare parts are widely used nowadays for prolonging the service life of parts
and grinding media .

3. To add grinding aid to increase the
grinding efficiency; there have many kinds of grinding aids, most of them are
organic surface-active material. Some research has shown the grinding aid of ethanol,
butanol, butanol oil, and rolamine work out to be fine.

4. To reduce the temperature of cement
to improve the quality of cement .High temperature will cause the dehydrate
gypsum dewatering in cement processing, which will make cement false setting
and material cementation.


Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement Manufacturing Process

The cement manufacturing process begins when limestone, the basic raw material used to make cement.

Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement Manufacturing descripation

The limestone is combined with clay, ground in a crusher and fed into the additive silos. Sand, iron and bottom ash are then combined with the limestone and clay in a carefully controlled mixture which is ground into a fine powder in a 2000 hp roller mill.

Next, the fine powder is heated as it passes through the Pre-Heater Tower into a large kiln, which is over half the length of a football field and 4.2 meters in diameter. In the kiln, the powder is heated to 1500 degrees Celsius. This creates a new product, called clinker, which resembles pellets about the size of marbles.

The clinker is combined with small amounts of gypsum and limestone and finely ground in a finishing mill. The mill is a large revolving cylinder containing 250 tonnes of grinding steel balls that is driven by a 4000 hp motor. The finished cement is ground so fine that it can pass through a sieve that will hold water.

Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement Manufacturing Process

The cement manufacturing process consists of many simultaneous and continuous operations using some of the largest moving machinery in manufacturing. offer

Tips for selecting cement crusher plant

Cement production line: is a production line that is composed of a series of equipment for producing cement. The processes for producing cement mainly include: crushing and prehomogenization, raw material homogenization, prehearing and decomposition, the burning of cement clinker, and the package of cement. Crushing: in producing cement, most of the raw materials such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal need crushing. Limestone is the major raw material component of cement producing, and its granularity is much bigger, rigidity is relatively high. Therefore, the crushing of limestone plays a significant role in the cement production line.

There are several factors to take into consideration in selecting cement crusher plant. These factors are: the rigidity (mainly refers to compressive strength) of raw material, the corrosivity (with free quartz content), and the viscosity (water content and clay content). After the consideration of these factors above, you can then choose the crushing equipment that corresponds with the specific characteristics of the raw materials. The cement manufacturing processes mainly include 5steps: primary, secondary crushing; pre-grinding, raw material grinding; calcining; clinker crushing &grinding; cement grinding &conveying.

Primary and secondary crushing, as the first step of cement production line, is of crucial importance, so is the selecting of cement crusher plant. There are many types of crushers that can be used for primary and secondary crushing, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher; a specific introduction about the difference of various types of crushers is as following:
Jaw crusher is a kind of primary crushing equipment which can be used for crushing various rocks, such as basalt, granite, marble, and other ores; while impact crusher has its unmatched excellent performance in secondary crushing, tertiary crushing, and material recovery. Hammer crusher, which can replace the traditional two-stage crusher and help simplify the process flow, and save infrastructure investment, is the best equipment for crushing limestone. Cone crusher is a kind of popular stone crusher; the hydraulic cone crusher can replace the spring cone crusher in mining and building industry.

DSMAC (Ding Sheng Machinery) is a bellwether crushing equipment manufacturer in China, whose cement crusher plant covers all the types of crushers mentioned above, and whose equipment is of distinctive advantages such as high efficiency, energy-conservation, environmental protection, easy operation, and such like. DSMAC is your first choice in selecting cement crusher plant and any other mining machinery. offer