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how to improve coal crushing efficiency

coal crushing machine is a crucial one annulus in mine production, but some external or internal factors of the impact crusher restricts the crusher production, to solve these problems is to increase productivity. Next DSMAC there for you to explain reasons of affecting coal crushing machine efficiency:
1. Improper operation:
Due to the part of operators have a careless understanding to the working principle of crusher, and the improper operation in the daily production and cannot play crusher itself normal production performance, which affects the coal crushing machine efficiency.
2. Material hardness:
The harder is the material, the more difficult is the broken, and the more serious is the wear of equipment. The broken speed is slow, of course, the crushing capacity is small. This needs us have a moderate select on the choice of material.
3. Material humidity:
When materials have a large water content, materials will be easy to cause a conglutination in the coal crusher, also easy to cause a congestion at next conveying process, caused by broken ability reduced. To solve this problem, firstly, we should strictly control the water content of the material in the material choice. If the choiced material’s water content is too big, we can use sunshine or air drying way to reduce the percentage of water in the material.
4. The fineness of broken materials:
The higher is the demanded fineness, that is to say, the more fine is the broken material, the smaller is the crushing capacity. This aspect need to see the dressing plant specific request, if no special requirements, the general will be the fineness of materials for a system of fine then.
5. Material composition:
Before a crushing, the more is the material with fine powder, the more effect is the crushing, because these fine powder are easy to adhere to effect delivery. Therefore, to materials with a large fine powder content, we should take a screen for it. Let fine powder of the material get out from the screening as far as possible, lest affect the coal crushing machine efficiency.
6.The viscosity of materials:
The bigger is the viscosity of materials, the easier is the conglutination. Materials with a big viscosity will adhere to the crushing cavity wall. If not to clean up in time, it will seriously affect the coal crushing machine efficiency. Therefore, you must pay attention to the viscosity of materials that cannot be too big.
7. Hardware equipment:
The better is the abrasive resistance of crushing equipment’s broken pieces, the bigger is the crushing ability. About this aspect, you must be on a regular repair to broken pieces of crusher. If there is any breakage or damage, you should make a timely replacement, lest effect the normal work of the coal crushing machine.
High efficient coal crusher manufacturer
After years of development, DSMAC worked out a new coal crusher – ring hammer crusher in the Chinese market, ring hammer coal crusher has been widely used. Ring hammer crusher is suitable to crush brittle, medium hard materials with little moisture (Watershed is less than 15% of the material). Many customers think it is a highly efficient coal crusher. Efficient coal crusher has been successfully applied in the world, and we look for more customers to bring a higher effect.

High efficiency fine crusher for sale in India

Our XPCF series high efficiency fine crusher enjoys the largest market share in China; it is usually used in second-stage crushing in cement industry, sand and stone industry. XPCF keeps 4 records throughout China, and we are the only company who sell the fine crusher abroad. With lower power consumption, larger production capacity, larger crushing ratio, wearable hammerhead and scale board, you can obtain great benefits. With the patent stone-strike-stone, 60-70% crushing is achieved through the inter-collision of the stones, the load of grate shoe and hammerhead is greatly reduced, so their service life is 3-4 times longer than the ordinary one. Combining the advanced technology at home and abroad, our XPCF series fine crusher can be used in cement industry to crush clinker, metallurgy industry, glass industry, sand and stone industry, chemical fertilizer industry,and electric power industry.
Features and Benefits of High Efficiency Fine Crusher:
1. Even crushing function of multi-cavities which is suitable to crush Hard material.
2. Reasonable design of leveling plate making the finished material finer and cubic-shaped without internal cracks.
3. Hydraulic start-up which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.
4. New anti-abrasive material which prolong service life of impact hammer, impact plate and liner.
High Efficiency Fine Crusher for sale in India
DSMAC has successfully designed and manufactured the newest high efficiency fine crusher for sale in India. It is mainly used for fine crushing of sandstone, sand making, and for crushing in cement factory, etc. The high efficiency fine crusher integrates the advantages of hammer crusher, impact crusher, etc. and is further improved in structure and materials.
The optimized crushing chamber improves fine crushing effects and enhances the unitarity of spare parts. The hammerhead is designed with tungsten and titanium alloy integrated structure and other special wear-resistant materials which greatly lengthen the service life of hammerhead. It is a high-tech product for which we have full intellectual property rights.

How to select the best composite crusher bearings

Compound crusher is also known as the composite broken, mainly at home and abroad using technology to optimize design developed from a new type of crushing, coarse grinding products, is one of the equipment used in crushing production line and sand production line, general application in the cement plant more extensive, is an ideal crushing equipment in cement production line, and also have a good effect on iron ore, blast furnace slag, medium hard ore crushing.

Composite crusher, it is mainly by an electric motor and a shelf, from the internal structure, the main rotor hammer, and the rotor disk, bearing composition bearings by the time at work to impact the normal operation of the crusher from a very large role, under radial cycle alternating impact surface erosion prone, easily damaged.Therefore, when buy composite crusher bearings must take into account the quality of the bearings, but purchase bearing should pay attention to, what does?Now we come to a simple analysis.

1 select models bearing the correct choice.Double row spherical roller bearings have a strong bearing capacity, aligning performance advantages, so this bearings as rotor bearing more choice.

2, the crusher bearing the adjustment process in the need to improve the status of the force.The role of impact loading on the bearings depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the bearing support flexibility.Increased bearing support flexibility will reduce the impact load bearing.To do this, we can add the appropriate thickness of rubber between the bearing and the support frame board in order to improve the bearing support flexibility.Since the added rubber plate, increasing the support softness, thereby absorbing a part of the vibration energy and improve the bearing stress condition, to achieve the purpose of prolonging lifetime.

For the work of the crusher bearing the cleaning, mining crusher for general use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the jaw crusher has always been cleaned so.If you do not pay attention to cleaning, the friction at the bearing will increase the work process will generate too much heat and bad equipment.

Selection of high-quality bearings to ensure the normal operation of the composite crusher premise must take into account the bearing model selected, double row spherical roller bearings have a strong bearing capacity, when used to minimize the impact of bearing Bearing regular gasoline or kerosene to wash, to reduce friction, reduce the heat generation of the working process to ensure the normal operation of the composite crusher.

Four world mining machinery market trends

For manufacturers in China, how to hold the existing export momentum and expand its advantages is an important issue facing the future.The experts believe that the ability of future development trend of the world mining machinery industry, whether manufacturers can provide a package of services “is increasingly important.

Recently, mechanical experts in the international mining machinery market conditions and forecasts summed up four of the world mining machinery market trends.

First, worldwide M & A activity is increasing.In the Chinese market, the world’s top ten manufacturers of mining machinery accounted for about 85% of the market share, the control rights of the whole industry is concentrated in a small number of enterprises.

Second, the world’s mining machinery market growth is accelerating.This is where the demand generated by China’s huge infrastructure construction is a major contributing factor.2008 to 2009, the Chinese market beyond the North American market become mining machinery sets the maximum number of market sales in the world, in 2010, the proportion of the total world mining machinery production or licensing 50%.

Third, the world’s mining machinery rental market be actively developed.The proportion of the total sales of the British mining machinery sales accounted for leasing companies in the UK, 75%, and 60% in North America, France and Germany, 50% and 40%, respectively.China not yet reached this level, but after a few years, it is likely to come this far.

Fourth, the world’s mining machinery production and demand in the transfer to China.The major manufacturers have set up factories in China, its main parts maker also attracted to China.A major obstacle to the development of mining machinery is inadequate supply of high-quality components, now began to change.

The ownership of mining machinery products is sufficient to complete the project now, the global mining machinery market in emerging vitality in a stable and conservative state.In 2009, industry experts had predicted, mining machinery will face frozen era, because of oversupply, demand exceeds supply situation will continue to expand, at that time a lot of mining machinery enterprises have to make a U-turn, and some look redirected as brick press equipment, some will look into building machinery, who wanted to enter in 2010, the construction machinery gradually decline to cold, the industry low-profit phenomenon, the construction machinery industry insiders predict will re-shuffle.

The experts believe that the ability of future development trend of the world mining machinery industry, whether manufacturers can provide a package of services “is increasingly important.These capabilities include the ability to produce a full set of the product, but also including the manufacturer shall provide the support of the purchase, because a lot of machine sales will be achieved through loans.

For manufacturers in China, how to hold the existing export momentum and expand its advantages is an important issue facing the future.China is currently 3% to 5% of the total output of mining machinery products for export.Must export the main reason is that many Chinese manufacturers expand their production capacity, but sales only account for about 70% of the total capacity to use exports to consumption of excess production capacity.Moreover, the Chinese domestic market price of the product is relatively low, the profits of export products in China has basically reached 300% of the domestic product.In addition, in the mature markets of Europe and America, the customer’s ability to pay and timeliness are better.

How to improve crusher equipment production efficiency

During mining crusher is one of the essential equipment, serious impact on the economic benefits of the plant, crusher equipment efficiency, and rational allocation of production lines to select a device, This is the first of the major factors affecting the productivity, how improve the production efficiency of crushing and sorting equipment, which is not the concentrator is most concerned about the topic, the crusher can improve production efficiency specifically how to do it, today and good to explore the deceleration devices.Improving the speed is not two rules crusher equipment efficiency, fast speed, and efficiency of natural engage.Therefore, the appropriate improvements deceleration devices can play a certain effect, increase production per unit time.Conditional concentrator can also choose to install the drive speed adjustment can achieve satisfactory results.
The amount of water added.The efficiency of the moisture in the ore crusher equipment has a certain impact.Therefore, appropriate grinding the ore cavity to increase in moisture can also play the effect of increasing the crusher equipment efficiency.
Crusher equipment lining.Mill liner is used to protect the cylinder, to avoid research crusher equipment and materials cylinder direct impact and friction.The different types of liners can adjust the various positions within the research the state of motion of the crusher equipment, in order to achieve the best results.Current.Crusher equipment, increasing the current in order to improve the speed, high speed, and efficiency of the crusher equipment naturally high, roughly determine the tonnage according to research crusher equipment loading should be equipped with a more powerful motor .But It should be noted that to increase current must be in the range of the rated power of the crusher equipment, can not exceed the maximum load, such as the current is too large it will burn down the mill, big losses.Stone ball.The point to note here is the spherometer mix is ​​also very important.To make the ball stone ball diameter are of different sizes, so you can fully grinding ore grinding cavity of different sizes, which can improve the efficiency of the crusher equipment.

High efficiency fine crusher for iron ore crushing

The ironmaking inseparable from the iron ore, iron and steel production can not be separated from iron ore, natural iron ore refined practice out of the iron before it can be used in the iron and steel industry.Iron ore refining First of natural iron ore crushing, broken with small particles of iron ore after milling equipment ground to a powder, and mineral processing equipment, magnetic separation and flotation, re-election process to get iron .
Entire iron refining process, crushing, milling, processing equipment are essential, traditional craft need first chunk of the broken iron ore, iron ore is broken into small particles, and then crushing the machine further fragmentation of small particles of iron ore for milling equipment, if not a chronology of the follow-up work will not be implemented.
Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in the manufacture of mining equipment and research has been more than ten years, With years of production and to develop new and efficient crushing machine eliminates the need for iron ore refining the crushing steps in the production process, the natural iron ore directly into a crushing machine for crushing, the maximum size of the feed inlet: 180 × 800, can be less than 200mm material directly crushed into a fineness of 0 ~ 5mm out material, a compound content of from 0 ~ 5mm for 85%, 5 to 10 mm of the content is 8%, the remainder is 3 to 5 mm.The material granularity in full compliance with the feed size of the milling equipment can be placed directly into the milling equipment, milling operations.
Direct crushing natural iron ore due to new highly efficient crushing machine, so make your production line expenses reduce, reduce a crusher intuitive promotions to your investment, and in the production process can reduce certain expenses.

Mining machinery flotation device processing beneficiation of fine mud skills

A lot of practical experience proved: when the material contains more fine mud, it will seriously affect the flotation process for the beneficiation process of mining machinery and equipment, so much so that the flotation effect is significantly reduced.Ore beneficiation methods or different nature, a different concept, for the demarcation of the grain size of the fine mud.Flotation fine mud generally refers to a fine-grained level of less than 10 microns, or less than 5 emblem meters.Froth flotation is suitable for processing fine-grained materials.Widespread production targets “two low and two high concentrate grade, low recovery, high pharmaceutical consumption, high water concentrates.Fine mud flotation beneficiation research one of the problems.Fine mud of physical and chemical properties of fine mud flotation, fine mud basic characteristics: small mass, large surface area, surface area large, is not the same for different treatment of fine mud, and today we highlight applications mining machinery flotation device processing beneficiation of fine mud.

First pre-removal prior to the flotation beneficiation equipment the slime in advance desliming there are two ways: the flotation beneficiation equipment desliming with mechanical removal mud.Flotation desliming is to use a small amount of hold-agent and collector first surfaced part of slimes and coarse flotation.

Secondly, when the fine mud is not a long time, adding dispersants to mitigate its impact.General can be added to the water glass Swiss 6 polyvinylidene indeed the sodium.The dispersing agent is a pure electrolyte, and its role is to increase the electric potential of the surface of the fine mud.Fine mud close to each other due to the electrical mutually exclusive, slime play a dispersion, to prevent non-selective agglomerates of fine mud.Plus dispersed Jing method is relatively simple, suitable for less mud.However, this method still can not fundamentally solve the shortcomings of fine mud caused by poor selectivity, dosages, selection of jobs in production practice often need to be strengthened.

Another mechanical desliming before flotation classifier (hydrocyclone) to remove a portion of fine mud.Average the desliming particle size of 10 to 20 microns.Desliming grain size is determined primarily by the performance of the grading equipment.Desliming also improve the coarse flotation effect.The main problem is difficult to handle fine mud.If you are aware of a mud useful mineral content can be very little waste, but often useful mineral grade and ore almost fine mud, fine mud in the abandoned metal lost in vain.

Involves crushing mineral knowledge and segmented crushing benefits

Involves crushing mineral crusher knowledge and segmented broken benefits
Crusher during the crushing mineral beneficiation and then crushing or dissociation, minerals are generally several mineral closely together in the crushing process which if not they dissociate to the next one crushing work is also difficult, any physical beneficiation methods are not enriched them.When conducting mineral crushing, simply use the machine for crushing work on it, intermediate involves a lot of knowledge, you and everyone a brief look.
1, the pulverizing ratio: pulverizing material pulverized before the particle size and the ratio of the pulverized product granularity.Said that there are three forms.The ultimate crushing than: nominal crushing ratio, really crushed ratio.
2 selective crushing: the strength of the non-uniform mechanical properties of materials in the fine grinding process small grinded intensity  This phenomenon is known as selective crushing left.
3 types of crushing force, squeezing, bending, shearing, chipping, grinding, blow, impact.
4, closed-circuit crushing system, production practice, crushing and grading equipment fit and coarse-grained product returns failed the crusher once again crushed the crushing system known as closed-circuit crushing system.
5, open circuit crushing system, crushed product without grading or crushed crushing system does not return called open circuit crushing system.
6, particle size and particle size: The particle size is a measure of the size of individual particles, and the particle size is the size of the particle group is described overall concept.
Ore crushing, crushing than in 3000-15000, ultrafine powder, crushed a greater proportion are generally multiple machines, stone grading phases different equipment to complete.
Crushing and compared with the grinding energy consumption is relatively large, the crushed material for grinding operations phases pulverization may alleviate the burden of grinding and reduces energy consumption, and more economical, is the material to achieve a desired particle size.


Sand making machine and high efficiency fine crusher in mining industry

Counterattack efficient crushing machine, also known as the third sand making machine or the third generation Crusher.Third generation fine crusher is in long-term customer service based on the latest research results, combined with domestic and international Crusher own R & D and production of high-performance, high section consumption Crusher equipment, its performance has reached the international advanced level, is the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine.Reliable third generation crushing machine equipment performance, process simplification, simple structure and easy maintenance.The production capacity is large, the board hammer life long.

High efficiency Fine crusher (the third generation sand making machine) Features:

The series crushing crusher run performance is stable and reliable, high crushing efficiency, with a crushing, coarse grinding function, simple structure, installation, easy maintenance, low operating cost.By the ability of non-crushing materials, material moisture content affect small, up to 8% moisture content.Process simplification, production capacity, hammerhead long service life.Widely used in fine crushing of granite, basalt, limestone, river gravel, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, bauxite and other minerals.The mechanism is also used for artificial sand, highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, construction, cement, refractory, metallurgical and other industries to produce high-quality stone.

Fine crusher (the third generation sand making machine) it works:

Crusher work, the third generation sand making machine motor driven rotor high-speed rotation of the material into the crushing chamber crushing rotor plate hammer impact crusher, and then enter the second crushing chamber crushed, and finally from the material discharge port.

Efficient thin broken machine during thin broken, mainly sand making machine to rely on motor driven rotor high-speed rotation, enter material impact on the counterattack board, the material will be returned again, between the materials collide with each other broken, and then be pulverized into the second crushing chamber, and finally the material is excluded from the discharge port after the pulverization.

How to configure sand production line

Mining machinery and equipment industry is developing rapidly now, like crusher, mill, sand making some stone production line, sand production line manufacturers more numerous.As the mine development progresses, many investors see the huge potential of the sand and gravel industry’s profitability instead of its investment in production, so for those who do not know the gravel industry investors to purchase a set of reliable and efficient gravel production line is currently facing a crucial problem.
DSMAC in the same industry have always been one of the customers reliable crusher manufacturer, we know that customers invest in a product line ranging from tens of thousand is a few million is not small figures, a reasonably successful configuration Sand production line can fund customers to quickly recover the cost, a raw configuration failed  The production line will give customers increase investment costs and even the suspension of business, customer benefits in a critical position as a manufacturer should the initiative to give customers the lectures and configured properly customer’s own production line conditions.So, here would like to use the network platform to tell the majority of customers who want to purchase gravel production line to the rational allocation of some note.
Normal circumstances, the rational allocation of gravel production line complete set of equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor machine, centralized electronic control equipment; different processing requirements for customers can also be equipped with cone crusher, dedusting equipment.
Configuration gravel production line, first of all depends on the type and hardness of the stone mining, select bluestone or limestone or granite.Mohs hardness to 7 according to the general terms, be regarded as a very hard rock.Bluestone and limestone, the hardness is relatively small and brittle, crushing this material, do not need to use a soldering iron crusher board hammer or hammer this equipment can be as high manganese steel, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher and hammer crusher.If the stone, such as granite and basalt, high soldering iron must be used, because of the high iron material crusher has the flexibility, the degree of abrasion resistance than high manganese steel high, so that the provincial Human save time, save money, This device has a cone crusher and impact crusher.For mechanical selection box crusher (hammer crusher) can, at the same time instead of the jaw crusher and impact crusher, and low cost, easy to operate, mainly broken like the bluestone such stones.Hardness of materials, production requirements are relatively high, can be the vibration material plus jaw crusher and impact crusher and vibrating screen Gapi belt conveyor, can achieve the desired effect.
We know that the production has been the focus of attention of the customers, the level of production determines how many customers profit, therefore, a reasonable configuration gravel production line also need to pay attention to how its production.100 tons when production be regarded as small and medium-sized gravel production line.General configuration: plus feeder plus jaw crusher impact crusher and vibrating sieve, sieve layer can be configured according to the material requirements.Higher yield, relative stone hard case can consider using cone crusher and impact crusher used together to achieve the production.Of course, can also be flexibly configured according to the terrain or require factories and mines.
Finally, since it is to invest in the sand and gravel industry, the price of sand and gravel production line equipment is investor concern.As the saying goes “a sub-price goods, we need to clear the regular manufacturers of the equipment cost was high, and after-sales service is the manufacturers in general can not be compared.If the customer only cheap, choose a low price, the general quality of the equipment manufacturers, the final quality problems or production is less than the expected standards.So that customers would lose a lot of time, money, and so on.In the purchase of equipment, so customers will need to be carefully chosen, must not covet a moment of cheap.
Only have a reasonable allocation of efficient gravel production line equipment, allows itself to better development, to get more profits.