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Best spare crusher parts manufacturer

Spare crusher parts manufacturers appear in South Africa in a large number these years, and DSMAC has become a famous manufacturer of crusher wear parts in South Africa for the quality spare parts. All modes of jaw crusher spare parts, impact crusher spare parts, cone crusher spare parts are available for DSMAC. Comparing with the common wear- resistant parts, the service life of DSMAC spare parts can be prolonged for a least 30%. DSMAC is also a key supplier to OEM’s of mining equipment in South Africa.
wear-resistant crusher parts advantages
1.Optimized design
2.Advanced technology griddle plate
3.Wear-resistance griddle plate
wear-resistant crusher parts features
a.high chrome,long service life
b.simple structure,easy maintenance
Wear resistant jaw crusher parts supplier South Africa
Wear resistant jaw crusher spare parts are available for DSMAC, with high technology and strong company strength. Jaw crusher spare parts main consist of jaw plate, swing jaw board and fixed jaw board, etc. As jaw plate is a key wear-resistant part of jaw crusher, if manufactured with low quality, the service life of crusher will be decreased. DSMAC offer jaw plates for all models of crusher for South Africa miners and every product is guaranteed to have good performance. Sandvik jaw crusher spare parts, Metso jaw crusher spare parts, SBM jaw crusher spare parts are all available for DSMAC to process with supplied drawing.
Wear resistant Symons cone crusher parts manufacturer detail
Wear resistant Symons cone crusher parts can be well processed by DSMAC engineers with unmatched standard in South Africa. Symons cone crusher spare parts mainly conclude of cone concave, cone mantle, etc. DSMAC can process all models of concave and mantles for Symons cone crusher. DSMAC apply the High Manganese, like Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2, Mn20Cr2, Mn22Cr2 as the main material of cone crusher parts to ensure the wear resistance. If supplied with drawing, DSMAC will provide with full-range service, and ensure every customer will be followed in real time.



Jaw crusher supports stone crushing production

Lift the mining machinery industry, most users will want to play the crusher, In fact, the type of mining machinery industry is more, the structure of the device is also very complex, relatively wide field-of-use, demand.Mining machinery according to different classification can be roughly divided into mining equipment, lifting equipment, the narrow rail transport equipment, the broken powder grinding equipment (crusher, mill), mining screening equipment, washing equipment and baking equipment, etc. 7 large class, fine powder, can be divided into more than 30 subclasses, classified according to specifications, can be up to a thousand.

Jaw crusher in mining machinery and equipment, which are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials and other industries which is crushed stone, users need to get size, jaw crusher in gravel aggregate as well as a variety of stone supply solution the equipment problems.Whether sand production line or stone production line can not be separated from the jaw crusher, Data survey shows that the vast majority of users during a medium-grained stone crushing often choose jaw crusher equipment.

The jaw crusher is the most prominent advantage is its high crushing ratio, and can be described as “the size of the take-all” very low feed requirements, the dynamic design of the device makes the materials are repeatedly broken jaw crusher to improve crushing performance, broken jaw work has begun from the top of the crushing chamber to increase the crushing ratio, the minimum set by the discharge opening, the design makes the material of the liner inclination to promote the material through the crushing chamber at the bottom of the stroke, ability.

The jaw crusher can adjust the size of the discharge opening, generally divided mention long-DMC block and plunger gasket two adjusting mechanism, the adjustment is more flexible and convenient integration of the motor and the crusher, the installation more convenient and save space, medium crushing and coarse crushing work good smashing, jaw crusher stone crushing production add help.

Jaw crusher developed into mobile crusher advantages analysis

We all know that the efforts to jaw crusher, the efficiency is very high, coarse broken broken machinery often chosen, but relatively bulky jaw crusher, mobile inconvenient comparison space, mobile crushers increasingly more as a trend.This integration services to become trend will inevitably have its advantages.Mobile crusher such integration in the form of unit equipment installation, eliminating the split components of the complex field infrastructure installation, reduced material consumption hours.Reasonably compact unit space layout, improve the flexibility of field presence.

Mobile crusher can be used independently, and also the type of material in the process, the product requirements for customers, providing a more flexible process configuration to meet the various requirements of the user mobile crushing, mobile screening, the resulting organization, logistics transit more directly efficiently and cost effectively achieve the maximization of the reduction.

The composition of the mobile crusher and work: Rotor mobile crusher housing portion, the rotary part, transmission and fine powder collection device components, mobile crusher internal grading cycle air by a machine outside the main fan.Materials fed by the entrance, mineral processing equipment the spindle driven cycle airflow rotary fall on the circulating airflow open to be uniformly dispersed into the drum of the machine outside the main fan circulating air from the bottom up grading of materials, coarse particles fall into cone discharged from semolina exports fine powder with air rising through the rotation of the cage rotor.The coarse particles downing fell on coarse exports, finer particles are collected with the air into the cyclone ash bucket, set discharged from the fine powder exports.Airflow from the upper outlet of the cyclone, the total duct, The circulating air exit into the main entrance of the fan, the formation of circulating airflow.

Does not have the advantage of many other crusher mobile crusher, mobile crushing station car chassis design, body chassis width is less than the operators semitrailer, turn radius is small, very easy for ordinary road more suitable for harsh quarry and mine site, is more conducive to foreign public (iron) Road, as well as mining, stone crushing, building construction.The coarse crushing mobile crusher device configuration jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, lightweight and reasonable structure design and excellent crushing performance.Coarse crushing mobile crusher station first broken stone crushing, greatly reducing the intermediate links broken by the stone, and can achieve the purpose of the work at any time convenient to adjust the station to ensure that the equipment at the feed and discharge Department are able to be in the the venue best economic position, reducing the input of the device, effectively reduce the cost of the equipment.

Each machine in constant development, each machine has its own characteristics and advantages of the present crusher from the previous consumption gradually developed into energy saving and environmental protection, energy efficient mechanical, originally bulky jaw crusher also gradually The development of mobile crushers, space-saving, flexible mobile crusher, eliminating the split components of the complex field infrastructure installation, reduced material consumption hours.Each machine is playing a significant role in their respective territories.

How to protect jaw crusher overload

All week, the jaw crusher working environment is relatively poor, and workload volatility, peak load is usually more than three times the average load.Often uneven feeding or extremely hard strong non-crushed materials (such as iron) into the crushing chamber (hereinafter referred to as material barrier) rather substantial sudden overload danger.Therefore, most of the jaw crusher has targeted overload protection measures.To summarize, until now, used the following overload protection.

(1) broken bracket method: set the low intensity of the bracket easily broken the upload, toggle plate the stress sensitivity District due to stress sharp rise to the limit itself broken, cut off the power transmission to prevent machine damage in the crusher.

This conventional overload protection measures, the structure is simple, easy to manufacture.However, due to the volatility of the mechanical properties of the bracket (usually cast iron) and calculation accuracy restrictions can not be precise quantitative control break point, the practical applications are often overloaded while the lack of protection.Moreover, even if the overload has been protected, but because of the crusher in the accident state, in the clean-up, disassembly and replacement parts before the machine is not running, this is bound to cause flow interruption, delays in production.

(2) flywheel the limit moments protection: the spring friction clutch, hydraulic friction clutch or set safety pin.Such method simple pendulum jaw crusher used more often.Working torque of the friction clutch:
M = fN

Where N is between the pressing force of the belleville spring and the clutch; f is the friction coefficient between the conical spring and the clutch.

This clutch, both to ensure that the normal working torque transfer, shalt bring transmission torque does not exceed the allowable value.When the crushing chamber from falling material barrier, machine overload reaches a critical torque flywheel in the the sliding shaft Bu freedom to play a role in the protection of major components.But by external conditions (such as temperature, etc.) due to the the clutch friction factor / greater impact is limited, so the reliability of the work overload need human wrecker downtime repair, system recovery is too much trouble.

(3) hydraulic protection: protection unreliable and need to stop treatment under accident conditions, causing the process to interrupt their recovery more difficult issues such as containing more material barrier materials in the crushing processing flow due to the aforementioned two overload methods exist (such as the slag crushing line), and often can not meet the production needs.Therefore, the development of a safe and reliable hydraulic protection devices replace the traditional means of passive protection, the maximum to ensure safe and smooth continuous operation is particularly necessary.

Jaw crusher mobile jaw structure maintenance skills summary

In the cement plant, jaw crusher is an important production equipment, although its structure is not complicated, but the bulky repair is really not a very easy thing: Here are a few jaw crusher repair tips for plant maintenance work to reduce the trouble of work, reduce labor intensity and played a certain role.

Repair jaw crusher was undoubtedly the most difficult to move the jaw structure of disassembly.The moving jaw body bearing cavity is divided into three sections of size, both ends for bearing with rounded holes.The transition hole in the middle, the transition hole with the bearing hole take the profession at a small step in the disassembly of the eccentric shaft, the 3000 series bearing self-aligning feature, it is often skewed in small steps at the bearing stuck, very easy to damage bearings cavity.Even damage bearings and cause great inconvenience to the repair work.

Here’s how easy it is loaded moving jaw body device to make a brief reference for customers and colleagues.

You first need to create a shelving bracket movable jaw member, the length and width of the bracket suitable repair moving jaw body size bracket height to be greater than the length of the body side of the movable jaw eccentric shaft protruding bracket structure must be solid and reliable above Holds the fixed jaw body pushed by hand does not shake.Above the moving jaw body bracket should be set from a heavy hook (maintenance of indoor building fixed lifting hooks.Do a gantry on fixed lifting hooks or do a tripod lifting hooks can), hook bracket on the plane spacing must be greater than the moving the jaw body width size.Plus overlooking the spindle length dimensions as well as chain hoists minimum working height dimensions of the sum.Hook for hanging with chain hoists.

Movable jaw body disassembly before you dismantle pulley and flywheel, and the the sail frame supporting bearing tree sets, etc., and then moving jaw side on the bracket and support thrust secure.Dismantle the upper end of the movable jaw gland.The eccentric shaft end generally has a shaft end and cap screw holes, in this threaded holes installed on the lifting rings (scrapped motor cannibalization), pull rings (chain hoists chain hoists with the eccentric shaft as possible maintained at the same vertical center line).

Preparation work will cut steel plate with cut moments, respectively, in the corresponding bearing position moving jaw on heating (best to use bottled acetylene gas, heating process uninterrupted), heating must be uniform, must not stay long a moving jaw position and damage body, the heating time is generally mastered in 40 to 50 minutes (the specific time should find their own way to grasp, the same below).The upper end of the bearing position plus   The temperature should be slightly longer.Heating after pulling the chain hoists very light to pick up the eccentric shaft and bearing hanging dispatched jaw cavity.

Assembly also moving jaw body heating method.Cover the moving jaw body under off mounted on a moving jaw, the upper end of the moving jaw cavity covered with a circular piece of steel plate, and with a few thick wire branch empty, leaving a little gap, and then ignite the cutting moments from the lower end of the movable jaw to cover the middle the hole into his jaw cavity, must pay attention to the flame cutting moments straight up not bias the moving jaw CAVITY flame nor soot.The heating time is generally grasp after 50 to 60 minutes, taken out for insurance purposes can still continue to be warmed in the surface of the movable jaw in vitro corresponding to the bearing position (in particular the lower end) of 5 to 10 minutes and then loaded bearing eccentric shaft (intermediate can be coated on the required amount of grease) hand pull gourd sash sash into the moving jaw cavity.Bearings shall not be skewed.Finally mounted on the upper end of the movable jaw cover.

Method disassembly moving din body cut moments flame heating device, empathy can also be used for other tubular structure disassembly, such as coupling, only consumes little oxygen and acetylene gas.Nor damage to equipment.Both economic and sound effects.

Jaw Crusher parts-Jaw plate used in jaw crusher

Jaw plate is important jaw crusher parts,also is new type of high manganese steel,ultra-high manganese steel, super high manganese steel, suitable for various specifications jaw crusher.

Jaw plate Overview:

Jaw plate is manufactured with super high manganese steel, therefore it has a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high manganese steel. The special processing techniques ensure that our jaw plate has leading performance.

jaw plates

Jaw plates Application:

New type of high manganese steel,ultra-high manganese steel, super high manganese steel, suitable for various specifications jaw crusher.

jaw crusher parts

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